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Релейная вставка 1-канальная

Релейная вставка 1-канальная, 1201URE – Jung

Производитель: Jung

Артикул: 1201URE

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Universal relay switch insert
Important: Energy saving lamps cause high inrush currents which may cause the switch contact to get stuck. Then a reduction of capacity is required! Please check suitability of lamps before installation.
Connection of satellite units (combinations possible):
Satellite insert "2-wire", ref.-no.: 1220 NE
Centre plate (ref.-no.: ..1561.07..) has same functionality as on relay insert
Number of satellite units: unlimited
Total length of satellite cables: max. 100 m

Mechanical push-buttons (make contact, not illuminated)
Short operation: On / Off
Number of satellite units: unlimited
Total length of satellite cables: max. 100 m
Note: Satellite operation is only possible, when a "cover" (centre plate, automatic switch or other suitable cover) is placed on the main unit.
Illuminated mechanical push-buttons must have a separate N-terminal.

Satellite insert "3-wire", ref.-no.: 1223 NE
in combination with automatic switch ref.-no.: ..1180.., ..1180-1.., ..1280.., ..1280-1..,
presence detector ref.-no.: PMU 360 .. or
ceiling automatic switch ref.-no.: DAW 360 ..
The main unit must likewise be operated with an automatic switch, presence detector or ceiling automatic switch. Otherwise there is no function!
Number of satellite units: max. 10
Total length of satellite cables: max. 100 m
Technical data
Rated voltage: AC 230 V ~, 50/60 Hz, neutral conductor required
Connected load
Incandescent lamps: 2300 W
HV halogen lamps: 2300 W
TRONIC transformers: 1500 W
inductive transformers: 1000 VA
Operate inductive transformers with at least 85 % nominal load.
The overall load, including the transformer power loss, must not exceed 1000 VA.
Fluorescent lamps
– non-compensated: 1200 VA
– parallel compensated: 920 VA
– lead-lag circuit: 2300 VA
Mixed loads of the specified types
Connection: screw terminals
Terminals for: 2 x 2.5 mm2 or 1 x 4 mm2
Approvals: VDE

Manufacturer: JUNG
Ref.-no.: 1201 URE